What is ECN and what makes a good ECN broker?

As this market is not centralized, you’ll quickly realize that you can access different exchange rates and trading conditions, depending on the broker you use. Envision it as a marketplace for broker’s clients to trade with each other, so traders like you can get the best possible offer at that…
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What Does DYOR Mean?

If you want to follow websites, stick to the most popular ones, with large followings on all social media channels, as you are most likely to get quality information there. Check the comment sections, what are the opinions of followers regarding the news. As a general advise, be wary of…
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What Is Fibonacci Retracement and How To Use It

Before we can understand why these ratios were chosen, let’s review the Fibonacci number series. The Golden pattern is a three-candlestick configuration based on a variation of the golden ratio (2.618) from the Fibonacci sequence. The indicator is useful because it can be drawn between any two significant price points,…
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